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T-Rextasy, Flinstones, Nail Polish, Tiny Diamond


Aurora Providence
276 Westminster St 02903 Providence United States
UP, down, all around.

T-Rextasy (NYC) t-rextasy.bandcamp.com
Dashing dino dames straight outta NYC
"unapologetic, noisy, “proud of being sleazy“; forget boring white men in black leather because they don’t come any more punk than T-Rextasy." - POND Blog

Flinstones USA (PVD) https://flinstones.bandcamp.com
Prov garage punk rabblerousers rousing the rabble. Caveman gibberish, carnivorous glances.

Nail Polish - Band (NYC) http://nailpolish.nyc/music.html
Rock duo drawing as much influence from the energy and spirit of early garage/soul as they do the pop sensibilities of 90's Rock, Nail polish is a lot like those guys that they find on islands in the South Pacific who live in caves and think the war is still going on.

Tiny Diamond (PVD) Soundcloud.com/tinydiamondband
Born under a full moon in the city of H.P. Lovecraft himself, Tiny Diamond has been stealing the hearts of Rhode Island's local music aficionados since 2014. Tiny Diamond is fueled by the talents of three fantastic women who call Rhode Island home. Their songs are characterized by their awesome indie-pop sensibilities, a penchant for exquisite harmonies, sick beats and a constant rotation of instrumentation, all electric, and all badass. All of the time.